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As for the parent side of the equation, well I am one. I have eight kids who have taught me about humility, leading by example, about all the different ways to love, learn, cope and thrive. I am overflowing with compassion for how difficult it can be to be a parent.
I am very direct in my approach with parents, with a strong belief that many times it’s us as parents who need to do most of the changing that we expect our children to do.

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Vanessa Baker

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I realized my love for teaching and for kids when I was finishing up my degree in Supply Chain Management and my Honors Thesis on Mentorship in the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University in 2000.

I was padding my resume with volunteer work mostly with Junior Achievement, teaching kids from 5-18 years old about free enterprise and economics. It was a light bulb moment for me to experience that passion as I completely lost myself. I realized that I was made for something specific. Before that, I didn’t understand what it meant to have real enthusiasm and love for one’s work versus “to just do what makes sense.”

I was alive!!!!

I became a coach for others, working diligently shoulder-to-shoulder with students to help them get out of their own way and turn their ideas into reality. I also got my own projects noticed by the press and several local non-profit organizations that benefited from my ideas!

Flash forward several years of learning from my kids (in the "lab") and even adding in a couple more teenagers who I took into my home along the way. I have been extensively trained as a coach in my position at, the world’s leading coaching program. I coach people of all walks of life, from every corner of the world on a weekly basis to increase their clarity, productivity, courage and more!

My business makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Combining my love of teaching, my deep understanding of teenagers, my desire to create connections between people and their deepest desires, and my skill in coaching have brought me here to you!

I’ve got your back.




THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE is to be courageous and free--to be, do and say the exact thing that will move me and others from pain to healing, from hate to love, from control to trust, and from fear to full self-expression--so that we can all live out the joy and power of being who we were made to be. __________________________________________________________________________________________

I've got your back!

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