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PARENTS: Maybe your parenting style could use a downgrade?

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A House Divided: How to Debate Tough Issues and Stay Related

September 5, 2020
How we can cool off, calm down and use these stressful times to develop a new way of communicating with each other on politics or ANY area of life where we might see things differently than the next person.
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Let Us Resist Our Own Resistance. (This article is not for babies.)

August 23, 2020
Parents often stay in the space of appalled, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed-- which are all natural reactions for sure, BUT if we don’t move past our human reactions when reality does not match our expectations, we do not get to the good part where we solve real problems.
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How Dare You Question Me?? I'm the Parent

August 19, 2020
You may have never said this out loud, but is there a part of you that is above reproach?
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One Hour Later: A New Future for a Dad and his Daughter

August 12, 2020
Powerful questions from a session that could alter your relationship with your teenager completely.
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The Myth of “That’s How It Is”

August 10, 2020
This may seem like a mellow, chill, innocuous belief, but there is something sneaky about it that subtly and effectively cements in the untrained mind: “I can’t do anything about fill-in-the-blank. Oh well.
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