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If you’re so great, then why doesn’t your teenager like you?

August 4, 2020
Ouch!!! Sorry about that!! ‍So, I’m not implying you’re not great, but, be honest, have you ever pondered that thought? 
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What If Someone Told You THIS When You Were 16?

July 23, 2020
Notes from a session with my 16 year old client...
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Five Ideas on Motivating your Teen

April 28, 2020
When you’ve been more intentional with how you operate when you’re around your kid, you’ll see that you can in fact make a huge difference in how they respond to you. Letting them have some slack, some reigns to work with gives them the chance to show you, but...
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Why Your Teen Isn’t Turning To You

April 30, 2020
If our earnest goal is to have them open up, show us their soft underbelly and let us know even the ugly about their lives, maybe even effect real and lasting change, then guess what? We have to stop being reactive. We have to work on our own anger, past issues, all of it.
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5 Reasons Parents May Need V. Baker Coaching

April 27, 2020
Take a breath. Close your eyes, if you’re into that, and be honest with yourself. Could you use a new idea or two? Have you tried everything else? Do you realize that this is a pivotal phase of life in which kids can choose one distinct future over another?
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Be The Change You Want To See In Your Teen

April 23, 2020
We really want to believe that they don’t see right through us, that our weak lines (“do it because I said so” or “I can do this thing I’m telling you not to do because I’m an adult”) will actually make the difference we are just desperate to see.
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