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How to create a fully functional relationship with your teenager in 5 steps

From Mean to Real Clean is a comprehensive five part course that will address exactly what it's like for you in whatever state you're currently dealing with as parent of a teen--fully acknowledging both your strengths and your challenges.

This is not a "tips and tricks" type of "fix it" course.
It's transformational and extremely powerful.
If you're willing to do the hard work, you'll see breakthroughs that will alter not only your relationship with your teenager,
but the relationship you have with yourself!

Coaching Guide and Private FB Group Included.
Lots more details below so keep scrolling! :)

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Can you imagine your teenager coming to you first when they are struggling or need advice?

Would you love to have the kind of access into your teen’s life that would allow you to share in their joy and pain a lot more often? Do you miss your teenager? Do you worry about all the things you know they aren’t telling you about?

Maybe you would just settle for having them listen to you and get a little respect in the mix.

Are any of these too familiar to you?

Poor or no communication
You get: Unanswered texts, calls, locked doors, avoided and shut down at every turn.

Nag. Yell. Scream. Punish. Retreat. Repeat
You rage: ”For the 100th time, I just need you to do this one thing! That’s it. You just lost your phone!”

Feeling Out of Control
You think: “I have no idea what they are into or up to. I think it could explain a lot if I knew. I think they need help, but they won’t let me in!”

You feel: “They used to tell me stuff, want to hang out, laugh with me! I feel so sad that that’s gone now and I’d do anything to have it back again. Is this my fault? Where did we go wrong?”

You wonder: “How can I be as successful as I am in all these different parts of my life, but the thing that matters the most is beyond comprehension to me. Does it have to be this hard?”

If you want different results, then you must do something different.

Do you miss the days when your kids needed you for more than rides and some spending cash? Do you want to be able to enjoy them and not to have this difficult phase of their life mess up all the years to come for both of you?

I get it. As a teacher, a mindset coach, and a parent of 5 teenagers, I understand how high stakes it feels to raise a teenager, and to keep that connection with them alive. I know how sad it is to feel like you’re just a taxi driver and an ATM, a curfew officer and a perpetual nag.

There are so many different ways we as parents can approach the relationship with our teens.
We can seek power and control while becoming demanding and tough.
We can be tempted to keep them happy by giving in and allowing way more freedom than we know is healthy.
We can be lost and confused and be driven by fears of judgment. What if they grow up and tell us that they think we "ruined" them? Why weren’t we more strict or less strict? What if our own parents or exes are on our backs, telling us we are doing it wrong, when we just want to follow our gut and evolve in our parenting style??

I coach parents by challenging them to try something new, something that really does work.

I teach parents a new way to operate, to see things, to consider and the results are a relief, every time!

Nothing matters more than a healthy relationship (an authentic connection) if you want to have influence and input into their lives.

Inside the course…

How to Create a Fully Functional Relationship with Your Teenager in Five Steps


I take you through MEAN and show you how you’re just being Misunderstood, maybe a little Entitled, leaning too much on your Authority position, and may have gotten a little Numb.


We get into the REAL part! We create a foundation where the MEAN used to be! I teach you how to be more Resilient, more Effective, more Authentic and even more Loving.


I show you what it looks like and feels like to have a CLEAN relationship with your teenager (and with yourself). I teach you tools to be more Connected, Level-headed, Expressive, Aware and Nice.


I create for you a vision you can adopt for having a FULLY FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP with your teenager that’s Respectful, Cooperative, Fun, Easier. You’ll get to be more Influential, more Confident, more at Peace and most importantly, you’ll get to have this fresh new chance to stay close with your teenagers from now until they leave the nest and into the future when you’re both gray-haired and wrinkled up, talking about fishing and Bunko over decaf coffee during the commercials of Jeopardy!


We take on FIVE BIG STEPS that have the potential (if you’re brave enough) to completely alter your own life as you know it. These steps are expertly set up and explained to you so that you feel inspired to do and say things that will shift not only your relationship with your teenager, but the way you see YOURSELF.
I provide you with slides, lots of videos of me teaching and coaching, guiding and inspiring you through this course. You’ll receive one week at a time so you can use the week to move deliberately through the coaching guide, writing and exploring what is in your way and also what you can think, say and do that will move you and your teenager into a healthy, workable relationship.

The price of the course is $1000. Of course, you can break up the payments and even better, I challenge you to open up to other parents of teens in your life, in your community and ask them to share in the cost. Pass around the login info and create a NEW possibility not just for YOU and your teen, but for the people in your life who you’d normally vent and complain about how hard it is to! Please, keep venting, but let’s see if we can transform what it means to be a parent of teens!! That’s what I’m up to, like as my mission in life and I want you to join me. We have to do something and this is a POWERFUL place to start.

I charge $250 per hour in my coaching practice and I could never share and impart the amount of experience, insight and wisdom I’ve been blessed with over the past 20 years in four one-hour sessions. (I’m good, but I'm not THAT good!)

That’s why I’m firm and confident that this price is fair. In fact, it’s highly likely you’ll think I undercharged you by 900% when you’ve finished digging in on this course. :)

Be a leader with your tribe!! Seriously!!
Be the one who brings this course into the conversations in your community.
Make parenting teens easier for your people.

Here’s what comes with the course:

3 months free subscription to From MEAN to REAL CLEAN Private Facebook Group ($90 value)
FB Group includes:
60 minutes of Live Group Coaching two times a month,
Exclusive coaching videos and content,
A new challenge each month to help you level up,
A community to share your wins and challenges

Plus, I'll mail you my book when it's released!!
From MEAN to REAL CLEAN Book (DEC 2020) ($15 value)

Are you ready to REINVENT the relationship Between you and your teenager?

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Here’s the rest of what is available to you if you purchase the course!

2 months FREE of the Premium M—>RC Subscription on the vbakermindset portal ($120 value)

Subscription includes:
10 15-minute laser coaching spots per month (first come, first served)
90-120 minute live group coaching session once a week on zoom ($400 value)
One 60-min teaching/coaching webinar a month, live and recorded,
based on surveys of the M->RC Community ($400 value)

Here’s what my clients say about working with me:

I’ve loved Vanessa’s uniquely sweet personality since we first met. She is seriously an amazing cheerleader for everyone! You can just feel she’s there to help because of her passion for helping families and because she’s been there, done that too. She always talks to you, full of empathy and always reiterates you totally got this and there is a way you can help your kids along the way also. There are so many things we accept as the norms for keeping our kids in line but Vanessa poses deep thinking challenges that will make an amazing difference to keep a true relationship and communications open with your kids.

- Crissy

I wish I had started weekly sessions with Vanessa years ago.  Whether you are having serious issues with your teen or you just want to stay on the same page with them, Vanessa can help.  You will learn so much about your child and yourself.  She’s AMAZING!  I’d spend an hour with her everyday if I could… seriously.  My daughter also looks forward to her sessions with Vanessa and THANKED me for signing her up!

- kelly
She is very real, raw, open, and lives what she speaks. Vanessa understands blended families, complicated situations, parenting challenges and teen emotions/development because she has lived it and has taken her experiences to create a positive impact for others. We have a household of teens and as hard as I try as a parent, there are some situations that benefit from having a different perspective. I am not a perfect parent and we don’t have perfect teens.. there is no such thing. It’s messy at times, but I know I want to provide the healthiest environment possible where my children can grow and utilizing Vanessa’s insight is helping along that road.

- amanda
We came to Vanessa because our relationship with our teenager was broken. Plenty of blame to go around.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist. She made me realize all the positive attributes of my son instead of focusing on his stubbornness and the pushback. I think when everybody backed off a bit and approached situations differently, we found our relationship changed for the better. I think everybody improved in how we interact including our teenager. Is it perfect? No, you’d have to replace my teenager with an actor to get that result. But things are certainly a huge improvement from where we were. I highly recommend Vanessa.

- ken

One more thing you get with the course!!!!

Unlimited 1:1 coaching calls for six months for the whole family, step parents, in-laws, teachers, tutors, nannies, anyone who’s on the family team ($150/session instead of $250) (40% off)

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