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Vanessa Baker’s purpose is to destroy the mindset that teenagers are problematic.You’ll Understand When You’re Younger brings graphically honest conversations with young adults to listeners to expose how brilliant, deep, insightful, and unbroken they really are and always have been.
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Episode 5: What If You're Underestimating How Much People Care?

Kids don't want to be stereotyped, but neither do parents.

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Episode 4: Mom/Dad: If You're Mad At Life, Don't Be Mad At ME!

"Strict parents make sneaky kids." When kids WISH their parents would get a divorce instead of staying together "for the kids". When parents are jealous of their kids for the VERY opportunities they wanted to provide for them. How kids can have more compassion for their parents and help bring their parents' spark back.

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Episode 3: On Parenting The Kid You *Think* You Have

"Instead of me having to push down the fact that I'm trans because she's uncomfortable with it, I'd like to have her to push down the fact that she's uncomfortable so I can be trans."

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Episode 2: How to Destroy Your Teenager's Magic

"This is going to sound weird, but my mom, even though she is not still Earthside is still my biggest support."

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Episode 1: Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad is Bad

"I wish I just had room to talk [to my parents] about feeling bad and not feel bad feeling bad." Parents: Your kids can handle you being real, being scared. It would help a lot. Teenagers: Tell your parents that you can handle their realness and that it's ok that they are scared too sometimes.

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