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5 Reasons Parents May Need V. Baker Coaching

April 27, 2020

Realizing or deciding that what you’re doing isn’t working in any area of life can feel like a failure. That admission can make YOU feel like a failure. But then the car makes a weird noise and you dial the mechanic the same day. The yard becomes too much of a hassle for your schedule and you hire a crew the same week. As modern Americans, we hire people to help us in virtually all aspects of our lives when the need arises. Yet, when raising teenagers, we just think some version of “this is my bed and I have to lie in it” or “I’ll just grit my teeth and survive this portion of parenting for just four more years.”

Vanessa Baker Mindset Coach
Vanessa Baker Mindset Coach

I have had hundreds of conversations with people who are dealing with family heartache and drama that stems from lack of connection and awareness about the dynamics that are at play. I have had dozens of conversations with kids whose parents cannot believe how much their kids share with me and how open they are to sharing it. I’m basically a wizard at connecting the dots, highlighting the patterns that people who are in a tough situation are unable to see because it’s too close. I can tease out the underlying beliefs that parents and teenagers are operating inside of that drastically limit the possible options that are needed to move forward with peace and harmony.

I am eager to refer people to doctors, tutors, therapists when the needs that exist are out of my range. I am a coach. A fitness coach, sports coach, business coach, life coach are all working from the same basic principles: to uncover, observe and analyze behaviors, trends and beliefs that are not working, to teach the client or player new techniques and strategies for effectively becoming more accurate and/or reaching their goals.

The focus of coaching is on improving RESULTS. Here are five things I can specifically provide you and your teenager.

  1. A fresh perspective can make a huge difference. You can’t change your kids, their ages, their issues nearly as easily as you can change the way you view them! When we are under pressure to perform, to be perfect parents, with perfect kids, it can really put a damper on us getting to be who we really are! We can work together to dissect the default point of view you have developed on parenting your kids and get your mind and heart freed up…so you can be YOU and enjoy parenting a lot more!
  2. Gaining a new level of connection with your teen can save a lot of heartache. When teens “mess up,” the consequences can be life-changing. The choices they make now are heavier than ever before as they near adulthood, and we all know how quickly time flies! I can help you get into their head and give you a new ability to access their fears, their drivers, their motivation so you can have a better shot at activating who they are…to make better choices and to feel they are safe to come to you when things are hard.
  3. Teenagers do everything they do for a reason. Sometimes we write-off their attitudes, moodswings, level of effort, phone use, behavior to, ”That’s just how teenagers ARE!” and we stop getting interested in the ins and outs of what exactly they are challenged by. Being curious, open and interested in what is really going on with them is your access to being able to influence them to the positive when they need it the most.
  4. Mutual respect, negotiation and shared goals work much better than bribery, manipulation and control. We all know that we don’t like to be “managed,” but when things get real with our teens, we tend to go straight to the role of prison warden, judge and jury, even mobster! Of course it’s because of our intense need to protect them which comes from our immense love for them, BUT it can make things worse to operate that way. We can grow past our futile attempts for control and power by making some changes that actually leave us feeling good and proud of how we are parenting, not to mention more effective!
  5. Teens are capable of 10x more productivity than it may seem. What if you could unlock their effort, positive attitude, ability to focus and reach academic, personal and athletic goals? I am able to build plans with teens that reflect both your standards and ideals, but with their own personal responsibility and muscle making it happen. Personal responsibility is the thing that’s going to move them from being kids to being really great adults.

Take a breath. Close your eyes, if you’re into that, and be honest with yourself. Could you use a new idea or two? Have you tried everything else? Do you realize that this is a pivotal phase of life in which kids can choose one distinct future over another? Are you open to being more equipped for this wild ride? If not, yay! You’ve got it all under control! If so, then I’m here, ready to make it easier. I’ve got your back 100%.



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