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A, 18

I love you! Thank you for always being there for me. I know it’s kinda your job but I truly believe you care and want to be there for me and honestly want what’s best for me. We’ve known each other for only a little while now but you mean a lot to me already and you’re like family. I’m not used to sharing this much, but it’s how I feel. You’re like the cool aunt I never had (I have an aunt but I never see or talk to her, not bashing on her cause she is cool and I love her) ANYWAYS lol. I can’t wait to see what we can do together, I’m really grateful for you; I’m so glad my dad found you lol. I can’t WAIT to meet in person too, idk when that will be but I can’t wait for it. I accept that you will have to be on my ass and possibly make me want to never talk to you again, but that’s exactly what I need because I’ve never allowed someone to do that for me. I need you to be on my ass because I know I can’t get myself to lol, so thank you. I love you for that! I love how strong you are, I look up to you! You’ve opened my eyes to so many things I can’t wait to see what kind of person you’ll help me become.


Vanessa has a gift of being able to delve into the core of issues. Whether you are at the end of your rope and feeling hopeless with your teen, or just want to improve the relationship, I promise you that she can lend new insight to this process. Vanessa is able to build authentic trusting relationships with teens and help families mend without shaming or guilt. I first met Vanessa in 2006 at a conference where her goal was to make a difference in other’s lives and help them see their potential. She has continued that mission but has honed it in to reflect her experience with teens and families. She is very real, raw, open, and lives what she speaks. Vanessa understands blended families, complicated situations, parenting challenges and teen emotions/development because she has lived it and has taken her experiences to create a positive impact for others. We have a household of teens and as hard as I try as a parent, there are some situations that benefit from having a different perspective. I am not a perfect parent and we don’t have perfect teens.. there is no such thing. It’s messy at times, but I know I want to provide the healthiest environment possible where my children can grow and utilizing Vanessa’s insight is helping along that road.


I discovered her one night on FB when I was researching some issues with my then 15 year old son. She was immediately responsive and got the ball rolling on working on these issues. Turns out…interestingly…that after her talk with my son.. she suggested that she talk with me… and that was the ticket. Sometimes it seems like if the other person just did X, Y or Z it would all be better only to realize that the work has to come from within. A novel idea. However, I also have to point out that my son asked one day when he was struggling with some issues.. if I could set up another conversation with Vanessa. You could tell he felt instantly safe in their relationship and respected her opinion. Big sigh of relief. I am proud to say the lines of communication are open again with my son, and our relationship is at a much more harmonious point. So grateful. Thank you Vanessa!


Vanessa is such a positive influence on our whole family. She has a great way of breaking down/creating awareness about so many of the silly rules that we hold ourselves and our kids to while at the same time providing solutions that work. Whether it’s your teen, parenting, relationships or career Vanessa helps you navigate a better path.


I refer to myself often as a mother, a wife, a sister, an employee or a friend. I am all those things - but, much more than that. Vanessa has helped me silent my internal Vanessa has also worked with my family members to address their obstacles. She has an uncanny ability to meet each person where they are and without judgement. In regards to tough customers, I would qualify teenagers to be top of the list. She was able to disarm my teenager, engage her and help her see her internal potential. That's a tall order. I appreciate her attentive listening and follow up notes after each session. The notes are invaluable - so helpful to refer back to. She is a lovely human being with the best interest of her clients at heart. We have all gained greater insight from working with Vanessa!

B, 14

Vanessa has been such a huge help for me with home life, school and really in general. I have become more open-minded to new ideas to better my mental health and life at home.

C, 16

Vanessa said something to my mom that made her listen to me more and to get in control of her stress and controlling. I've talked to Vanessa to help me work out some things I didn't want to say to my parents. It really helped and I actually learned a lot from her.


After her talk with my son, she suggested that she talk with me. Sometimes it seems like if the other person changed it would all be better only to realize that the work has to come from within. I am proud to say the lines of communication are open again with my son.

Z, 13

While talking to Vanessa I was very moved by what she said. She really changed the way I thought of life and how I treat myself. Talking with her didn't feel like talking to a parent who will criticize you for every move you make. She's like a friend that I could trust with anything and could help.
Scottsdale, AZ

K, 27

When I needed help in my life, Vanessa gave me just what I needed. She listened to what I wanted and helped me push for my goals even when I felt I didn’t have the energy. She helped me feel a lot better about my day to day when I wasn’t at my best. She has helped me so much.
Phoenix, AZ

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