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Z, 13

While talking to Vanessa I was very moved by what she said. She really changed the way I thought of life and how I treat myself. Talking with her didn't feel like talking to a parent who will criticize you for every move you make. She's like a friend that I could trust with anything and could help.
Scottsdale, AZ

K, 27

When I needed help in my life, Vanessa gave me just what I needed. She listened to what I wanted and helped me push for my goals even when I felt I didn’t have the energy. She helped me feel a lot better about my day to day when I wasn’t at my best. She has helped me so much.
Phoenix, AZ

K, 13

I have noticed a lot of improvements in myself since I started working with Vanessa. I have gained self-confidence and learned that I need to let go of the past but keep the lessons it taught me. Talking to her is like talking to a good friend that I've known for a long time.
Scottsdale, AZ

D, 16

Since I started talking to Vanessa, I’ve been able to see my personal worth and I’ve learned what it means to truly work for what I want without it being a hassle.
Phoenix, AZ


Vanessa: You are an angel. I have been in such a positive mindset since our meeting. I am using my FREE and CREATIVE skills at full volume with my boys and we are much closer than we had been. I’m so happy we met you!
Phoenix, AZ


Vanessa has made things happen with my young adult that I had been gently pushing (ok sometimes shoving) and somehow never happened. I have left nagging and hassling and returned to being the parent of support and listening. I have confidence in Vanessa and my young adult that the future is bright.
Scottsdale, AZ


We came to Vanessa because our relationship with our teenager was broken. Plenty of blame to go around. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. She made me realize all the positive attributes of my son instead of focusing on his stubbornness and the pushback. We had a huge improvement with our son.
Phoenix, AZ


I believe Vanessa was able to connect with our daughter in a way that we cannot as her parents. This in itself was very valuable. Our relationship with our daughter has improved considerably. She doesn't cringe and roll her eyes as noticeably when I walk into her room. Baby steps!!


We have two very different teens. I feel we really benefitted from an outside perspective to be more effective and harmonious in how we interact. She is very warm and engaging. She connected with our kids so well.
Phoenix, AZ


She connected with our kids so well. I know they trusted her because she listened and respected them versus her "telling them" what they should do. I definitely would recommend Vanessa Baker to anyone wanting guidance on how to have a better connection with their kids.
Phoenix, AZ

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